Macis Dental Clinic

The Macis Dental Clinic employs a staff of specialised dental practitioners and surgeons, covering the following specialisations:

  •  Implantology, 
  • Gnathology, 
  • Orthodontics, 
  • Implants and 
  • Periodontics.

We, not only, offer our patients advanced dental technologies which are economical, but also personalised financial options for these treatments and procedures.

The Surgery

Both the clinics, located in Olbia and Tempio Pausania, are equipped with advanced equipment specifically for the treatment of various teeth and mouth diseases. We are also experts at applying gemstones and other dental surfaces to tooth.

Studio Dentistico Porto rotondo


Visita dentistica

Dr. John and Dr. Mariuccia welcome you to the dental clinic in Olbia. For information on schedules and booking appointments, contact us via the telephone or fill a short form in the "Contact Us" page.

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