Are you are looking for dental specialists to take care of your smile in a competent and professional manner?

Your search ends at the Macis Dental Clinic. Please consult:

  • Dr. Giovanni -The Dentist
  • Dr. Mariuccia- The Orthodontist

Dentisti Olbia

Macis Dental Clinic

Studio dentistico Olbia

The Macis Dental Clinic is located in Olbia and Tempio Pausania. The Dentists at Macis specialise in Implantology, Gnathology, Orthodontics and Periodontics.

Children's Dental Care

To ensure healthy teeth and a beautiful smile, it is important to take correct dental care from an early age. We perform orthodontic interventions, procedures and dental treatment for children.

Oral Health

It is important, to not only have a beautiful smile, but to also have healthy teeth and gums. These need regular care and attention. The dentists at Macis Dental Clinic carry out visits and also provide oral care services, in addition to orthodontic and dental treatments.

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